The Sta. Elena

Sta. Elena is a project of the Sta. Elena Properties, a member of the prestigious Rustan's Group of Companies.

Being a prime boutique development, attention is placed on the minutest details providing homeowners with the assurance that the community is constantly committed to improvement.

Fun Farm
Our families count a lot in our lifestyle choices, thus no Sta. Elena experience can be complete without considering their needs. One way this is concretized is through the Sta. Elena Fun Farm. Imagine a haven housing 120 friendly animals such horses, cows, guinea pigs and assorted fish and fowl, all accessible to your kids. These animals provide a safe environment for your children to learn as they commune with nature.

At the fun farm, you can cut your kids loose to allow them to experience the fullness of nature, letting their imaginations run as free as the animals around them.

Guest House
At Sta. Elena, we realize the difficulty in balancing the need for privacy and value of hospitality. This balance is struck in the Sta. Elena guest house. After all, why billet your guests in a guest room, when you have a complete guest house at your disposal?

In the guest house, your visitors can receive your hospitality in an unparalleled way. Complete amenities as well as a service staff stand ready to cater their needs, making your guests feel right at home in the community that you choose. Sta. Elena


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